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SPL2TL06 Medium Strength Thread Locker 2 CC(Blue)

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This is Thread Locking Compound from Hot Racing. Must be used on metal or steel items, not plastic.
Color is blue Medium strength
Apply thread lock to the threads before installing.
Prevents the screws from working loose, which will happen if it is not used. It is very effective and easy to use.
Screws can be loosened or removed for maintenance by using extra pressure.
One Tube (2 cc) of Thread lock
Torque to break free
115 in-lb (12 N-m)
Temperature range
-10 to 120 C
Do Not use this on plastic, as it will melt the plastic!
This small amount will let you use it up before it all dry up.
Apply Thread-locking before assembly. This is a "removable" formulas, with heavy-duty permanent threadlockers rated to withstand as much as 2, 000 psi in shear. Because thread locking adhesives typically require thoroughly cleaning.
(You can use Degreaser to clean off the oil and dirt on the screw. )

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