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STE874 Hardened Steel Spur Gear (74t 48p)(Gold) - Traxxas

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Hot Racing light weight hardened steel 74 tooth, 48 pitch spur gear for the Traxxas Bandit, 2WD Slash, Rustler, 2WD Stampede, and Telluride vehicles
- CNC machined and lightened hardened steel construction
- Replaces stock nylon spur gear
- Black oxide coated gear for durability and corrosion resistance
- Gold anodized countersunk aluminum washers
- High strength hardware

- One (1) 74 tooth 48 pitch spur gear
- Three (3) mounting screws
- Three (3) gold anodized countersunk washers
- Three (3) washers (use as needed underneath countersunk washers to prevent screw ends from protruding too far through spur mounting plate)

- Number of Teeth: 74
- Gear Pitch: 48 pitch
- Mounting Holes: 3
- Tooth Face width: ~5mm
- Consider using Hot Racing motor lock plate TE18L06 for secure motor mounting
- Motor should no way exceed 180F (over 160F is not recommended). ESC should not exceed 160F. Excessive temperatures will shorten the life of the motor and ESC.
- This spur gear is significantly smaller than the stock gear and will require a larger pinion gear for fitment. Consider a pinion gear in the 24-33 tooth range.
description revised by: SN July 19, 2017

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