hot racing

Discontinued items list

The items listed here are for reference only.

Items listed here were once part of our selection, but have been retired. These items are no longer made, and cannot be purchased new. Locate these items used, from collectors, or sometimes as "new old stock" on the shelves of your local hobby shop.

part number title retail
188M325 3x25mm 18-8 SS Cap Head Screws (5) $3.00
AC01M06 Shiny blue small body clips $3.00
ACC468C05 1/10 Scale Bungee Cord Set (6) Black W/ Green $9.88
ACC58CD04 1:10 Scale Army Desert Camouflage Sleeping Bag $6.88
ACC58S06 1:10 Scale Black and Blue Skull Sleeping Bag (Toy) $6.88B014Z27BR8
ACC74MA01 Aluminum Wheel Nut Caps and M4 Nuts (Black)(4) - Mushroom Head $13.88
ACC74MA02 Aluminum Wheel Nut Caps and M4 Nuts (Red)(4) - Mushroom Head $13.88
ACC74MA08 Aluminum Wheels Nut Caps and M4 Nuts (Silver)(4) - Mushroom Head $13.88
ACC82J06 Blue Scale Look Aluminum Jack Stands $18.88
AE2363F 1300 mah 6 cell mini battery 7.2v $23.88
AEM32M06 Blue alum. gear cover 60t $4.80
AER23208 Silver alum cv universal drive shaft $13.92B0077S0972
AET0806 Blue Alum. front arm mount $13.80B00A2994R4
AET10MS06 Blue Aluminum Sedan Wheel Adapter 18t $12.80B00A29AKZO
AET10MS08 Silver Aluminum Sedan Wheels Adapter 18t $12.80B00A299G4U
AET1206 Blue Aluminum Lower Differential Case $18.88B009W7PZ7U
AET1208 Silver Aluminum Lower Differential Case $18.88B009W7N69Y
AET133306 Blue wheelie bar 18t mini t $12.88
AET133308 Aluminum Wheelie Bar - Associated 18T or Losi Mini- $12.88
AET1406 Blue Aluminum Chassis Upper Plate $48.80B009W7GJC0
AET1408 Silver Alum. Chassis Upper Plate $48.80B009W7EH5G
AET15006 Blue alum. cv universal drive shaft $13.80
AET155C06 Blue Alum. spring retainers $4.88B009W7AUJI
AET155C08 Silver Alum. spring retainers $4.88
AET160BE Steel ball end (12) $8.00B0077R34F2
AET160PBE Blue plastic ball end (12) $5.00
AET188906 Blue Motor Mount Oval Washer 18t $3.00B0077S0CYW
AET18906 Blue 370 motor clip-on heat sink $4.88
AET1906 Blue Aluminum C-Shaped Hubs $13.80B00A1E8A5M
AET1908 Silver alum. c-shaped hubs $13.80B00A29DMHW
AET2106 Alum. Front Steering Knuckles 18t $9.88B00A29C5DO
AET2108 Silver alum. front steering knuckles $16.88B00A29DO66
AET2406 Aluminum Servo Mount (Blue) - ASC 1/18 $6.80
AET2408 Aluminum Servo Mount (Silver) - ASC 1/18 $6.80B014YWXPBK
AET2806 Blue Aluminum Front Shock Tower $9.80B00A29CJQM
AET2808 Silver Aluminum Front Shock Tower $9.80B014YWWOYY
AET3457BE Shock mounting kit for aet shock $8.00
AET3457SS Shock shaft with piston (2) $6.00
AET35708 Silver Aluminum Rear Threaded Shock Set $16.80B00A29DQIM
AET40301 Titanium gold speed blaster 3b wheel $28.80
AET40305 Speed blaster 5b wheel (4) $28.80B00A29A2LQ
AET40503 Speed blaster 5s wheel (4) $28.80
AET40603 Aluminum Wheels Speed Blaster 6 Spoke Associated RC18t Mt $28.80B014YWX8TE
AET41001 Black Speed blaster 10y wheel 4 $32.96
AET41401 Black Speed blaster 14s wheel (4) $29.88
AET4806 Aluminum Steering Bellcrank Kit (blue) - ASC 1/18 $16.80B00A29DNGC
AET4808 Aluminum Steering Bellcrank Kit (silver) - ASC 1/18 $16.80B00A29DTBG
AET50 6061 Alum. RC18 Chassis set $43.88
AET5506 Blue alum. lower suspension arms $13.80
AET5508 Silver Aluminum Lower Suspension Arms $13.80B00A29DRT0
AET80S01 No. 45 Steel Diff Out Drive 18t $14.88B00A29DS62
AEX38X01 Channel Lock Secure Motor Mount Axial Exo $33.88B00B1KBB74
AGM1330R06 Blue Rear tubular bumper skid plate $46.00
ANTS02 Spring Antenna Tube Brace Mount (Red) $4.88B00A29AJEQ
ANTS06 Spring Antenna Tube Brace Mount (Blue) $4.88B00A29AHGQ
ANTS08 Silver spring ant tube brace mount $4.88
APC12A01 Aluminum Front Bulkhead Brace HPI Apache C1 Sc $14.88B00A29ECFI
AXR12H03 Super Duty Big Bearing Gear Box Ax10 $48.88
AXR12X01 Aluminum Big Bearing Transmission Gear Box -Axial XR10 $39.88B01BLUA8ZE
AXR22HP04 Hp Wheel Bullet 2.2 Wheel Weights $18.88
AXR22HV04 High Velocity Wheel Bullet 2.2 Wheel Xr10 $18.88B0077EBX0I
BAJ311 Sway bar Kit $38.88
BDH103201 CNC Alum. 32mm Brake Hex Adapter $17.88
BDH103801 CNC Alum. 38mm Brake Hex Adapter $18.88B00A29BVTI
BFF311 Anti Roll Bar for associated B44 $18.88B00A29B4TU
BJA101RR01 Aluminum Remote Reservoir Shock Caps $88.88
BJA101RTR Reservoir Tubing and Fitting Rear $20.00
BJA17W08 17mm Wheel Adapters for HPI Baja $38.88B00A299QYK
BJA21A08 Silver Aluminum Front Steering Arm $28.88B009WEVV4E
BJA21X01 Aluminum Front Knuckle Set Baja $68.88B00A298P42
BJA2408 Silver Steering Servo Mount $28.88
BJA2801 Black Fr. shock tower with Brace Baja $28.88
BJA2803 Orange Front Shock Tower with Brace: HPI Baja $28.88
BJA2808 Silver Aluminum Front Shock Tower with Brace Baja $28.88
BJA2901 Black Aluminum Front Shock Support: HPI Baja $23.88
BJA2908 Silver Aluminum Front Shock Support: HPI Baja $23.88
BJA32X01 6061-T6 Vision clear Gear Cover BJA $98.88
BJA500X01 6061-T6 Alum Susp Kt BJA $248.48
BJA5601 Black Alum. Lower Rear Arms $58.88B00A29EJS8
BJA8101 MA CNC 6061 Clutch Bell shaft Mount $43.88B009WECOZE
BJA8901 Aluminum Fuel Tank Cap - HPI Baja 5b 5t 5sc Savage Octane $18.88B009WEYAMY
BLR140901 Black 9 Bolt 14 mm Beadlock ring $8.92
BLR140902 Red 9 Bolt 14mm Beadlock Rings $8.88
BLR140907 Purple 9 Bolt 14mm Beadlock Rings $8.88
BLR140908 Silver 9 Bolt 14mm Beadlock Rings $8.88
BLR141801 Black 18 Bolt 14mm Beadlock Rings $8.88
BLR141802 Red 18 Bolt 14mm Beadlock Rings $8.92
BLR141806 Blue 18 Bolt 14mm Beadlock Rings $8.88
BLR141807 Purple 18 Bolt 14mm Beadlock Rings $8.88
BLR141808 Silver 18 Bolt 14mm Beadlock Rings $8.88
BLR143906 Blue 9 Bolt 3 Point 14mm Beadlocks $8.92
BLR143907 Purple 9 Bolt 3 Point 14mm Beadlocks $8.88
BLR220901 Black 9 Bolt 22mm Beadlock ring $9.88
BLR220902 Red 9 Bolt 22mm Beadlock ring $9.88
BLR220906 blue 9 Bolt 22mm Beadlock ring $9.88
BLR220907 Purple 9 Bolt 22mm Beadlock ring $9.88
BLR220908 Silver 9 Bolt 22mm Beadlock ring $9.88
BLR221801 Black 18 Bolt 22mm Beadlock ring $9.88
BLR221802 Red 18 Bolt 22mm Beadlock ring $9.88
BLR221806 blue 18 Bolt 22mm Beadlock ring $9.88
BLR221807 Purple 18 Bolt 22mm Beadlock ring $9.88
BLR221808 Silver 18 Bolt 22mm Beadlock ring $9.88
BLR223901 Black 9Bolt 3poit 22mm Beadlock ring $9.88
BLR223902 Red 9Bolt 3poit 22mm Beadlock ring $9.88
BLR223906 Blue 9Bolt 3poit 22mm Beadlock ring $9.88
BLR223907 Purple 9Bolt 3poit 22mm Beadlock rin $9.88
BLR223908 Silver 9Bolt 3poit 22mm Beadlock rin $9.88
BLW191S01 Aluminum Beadlock 1.9 Inch Wheels (4) $98.88B014YWZLOY
BLW198N08 Silver MRC Beadlock 1.9 Wheels Only (2) $74.88B014YX521A
BLW198S01 Black Beadlock 1.9 Rims Silver Rings $98.88
BLW19H01 1.9 Black Steel H Wheel (4) $48.88
BLW19H18 1.9 Raw Steel H Wheel (4) $48.88
BLW19HS01S Single 6 Lug 8 hole 1.9 Steel Stamped BLW $15.00
BLW19HS18 1.9 Raw Steel Hex Drive H Wheel (4) $39.88
BLW19HS38 Steel 1.9 Beadlock 6-Lug 8-Hole Wheels for 12mm Hex (White) (4) $39.88
BLW19S01 1.9 Black Steel S Wheel (4) $48.88
BLW19S18 Steel 1.9 Beadlock 5-Lug Wagon Wheels for 12mm Hex (Raw) (4) $48.88
BLW19S38 1.9 White Steel S Wheel (4) $48.88
BLW207C01 Black wheel cap with screw $10.88
BLW207N01 Alum. 2.2 narrow truck wheel (4) $88.88
BLW207N02 Red Ring Alum. 2.2 narrow wheel (4) $88.88
BLW207N07 Purp Ring Alum. 2.2 narrow wheel (4) $88.88
BLW207NR01 black 2.2 Narrow Beadlock rings alum $8.88
BLW207RCC Real chrome Acc Beadlock wheel 2.2. $128.88
BLW207S01 Alum. 2.2 Beadlock wheel Black 4 $88.88B009X1UG4C
BLW217N05 Dark Crystal 2.2 Narrow Beadlock Truck Wheels $108.88B009WFOLUO
BLW227DWN01 2.2 Beadlock Rock N Roll wheel NW $118.88B0081V5CJ4
BLW227DWN05 2.2 Green BL Rock N Roll wheel N $123.88
BLW227DWN08 2.2 Silver Bead-Lock Rock N Roll Wheels 40mm $123.88B00A1E60KO
BLW227DWS01 2.2 Beadlock Rock N Roll wheel SW $123.88
BLW227DWS05 2.2Green Beadlock R N R black wheel $128.88
BLW227DWS08 2.2 Silver Beadlock R N R wheel blac $128.88
BLW30301 Black Power Slot Aluminum Beadlock Wheels 40s 23mm $48.88
BLW30308 Silver Power slot 3 B Lock 40S 23mm $48.88
BLW30311 Titanum Silver Power Slot 3 BL 23mm $48.88
BLW30501 Black Beadlock Aluminum Speed Blaster Wheels 40s 23 $48.88
BLW30508 Silver speed blaster 5 B Lock 40S 23 $48.88
BLW30511 Silver Beadlock Aluminum Speed Blaster Wheels 23mm $48.88
BLW30601 Black Aluminum Six Shooter 40s Beadlock Wheels 23mm $48.88
BLW30608 silver six shooter 40S BeadLock 23mm $48.88
BLW31301 Black Beadlock Aluminum Speed Blaster Wheels 23mm $48.88
BLW40301 Black speed blaster 3 BeadLock 14mm $48.88
BLW40308 Silver speed blaster 3 BeadLock 14mm $48.88
BLW40501 Black 5 Double spoke B Lock W 14mm $48.88
BLW40508 silver 5 Double spoke B Lock W 14mm $48.88
BLW40511 Tit silver 5 Double spoke B L W 14mm $48.88
BLW41001 Black 10 spoke 40S Bead lock 14mm $48.88
BLW70301 Black speed blaster 3 BeadLock 17mm $48.88
BLW71008 silver 10 Spoke B lock wheel 17mm $48.88
BLW71011 Tit Silv 10 Spoke 40S Bead lock 17mm $48.88
BO0801 Black Aluminum Universal Antenna Mount $2.80B00A1E1SW4
Bo0802 Red Aluminum Universal Antenna Mount $2.80B01EILWZNG
BO0806 Blue Alum. Universal Antenna Mount $2.80B00A1E3C6E
BO0808 Silver Aluminum Universal Antenna Mount $2.80B00A29AB8U
BVS20X01 Black hook and loop Straps 200mm $4.28B0077S0S0K
BVS20X02 Red/Black hook and loop Straps 200mm $4.28B009W6PRN8
BVS20X05 Green/Black hook and loop Straps 200mm $4.28
BVS27X01 LP Black/Black hook and loop Straps 270mm $4.48
BVS27X04 Gold/Black hook and loop Straps 270mm $4.48B00A297WVO
BVS27X05 Green/Black hook and loop Straps 270mm $4.48B014YWV2YW
BVS27X07 LP Purple/Black hook and loop Straps 270mm $4.48
BVS27X08 Silver/Black hook and loop Straps 270mm $4.48B00A1E1WDY
BWP123B07 Body Clips with Fastened Rubber Leash (Purple) $3.88B00A7CGY1A
BWP133B07 Body Clips with Rubber Leash and Body Washer (Purple) $5.44B014YX4IP6
BWP133B08 Body Clips with Rubber Leash and Body Washer (Silver) $5.44B00A29DFBK
CB1000X Clod Hard Hi Tq 100:1 Gear Set $88.88B00A29B2FG
CB107M Blue17mm clod wheel adapter (4) $33.88B00A299H3K
CB208L Long Blue 32 Pitch 8 T Pinion Gear $6.88
CB23M02 Red 23mm clod wheel adapter (2) $18.88
CB23M06 Blue 23mm Clod Wheel Adapter (2) $18.88
CB23M08 Silver 23mm clod wheel adapter (2) $18.88
CB23ML08 Silver 23mm adapter 15mm offset (2) $23.88
CB248F01 Front Clod axle Tube steering system $38.88
CB248R08 Rear Clod axle Tube steering system $34.88
CB54MA08 Upper Link Narrow Multi Mount $8.88B00A29CULG
CB54MB08 Upper Link Round Multi Mount $8.88
CCR19M6 CCR19 6 deg lock plate (CCR1901) $8.88
CCR49L01 Alum Steering Link CCR $13.88
CN34801 Gun Black Alum. M4 Wheel Cap Nut $8.88
CS30001 Swivel & tilt car stand silver gray $68.88
CS30006 Swivel & tilt car stand stand blue $68.88
CS30008 Swivel & tilt car stand stand silver $68.88
CS3301 Swivel & tilt Service stand $98.88
CS3306 Swivel & tilt Service stand Blue set $88.88
CSG1210 10t 32p Hardened Steel Pinion Gear 1/8 Bore $6.88B0077S1HXM
CSG1211 11t 32p Hardened Steel Pinion Gear 1/8 Bore $6.88B0077S1IBI
CSG1222 22t 32p Hardened Steel Pinion Gear 1/8 Bore $6.88B01EILXSYQ
CW33401 LP Black Alum. M3 Washer & cap (4) $4.88
CW33402 LP Red Alum. M3 Washer & cap (4) $4.88
CW33405 LP Green Alum. M3 Washer & cap (4) $4.88
CW33406 LP Blue Alum. M3 Washer & cap (4) $4.88
CW33407 LP Purple Alum. M3 Washer & cap (4) $4.88
CW33702 Rred Aluminum M3 Washers & Cap (4) $4.88B00A39A32S
CW33705 Green Aluminum M3 Washer & Cap (4) $4.88
CW34802 Red Aluminum M4 Washers & Cap (4) $4.88
CW34805 Green Alum. M4 Washers & Cap(4) $4.88
CW34808 Silver Aluminum M4 Washer & Cap (4) $4.88
CW38402 Red Aluminum M3 Conical Washers (4) $3.37
CW38406 Blue Aluminum 3mm Conical Washers (4) $3.33B00A29B6DO
DBL24T02 Twin Servo Conversion Set Losi Dbxl $148.88B014Z2A8MS
DLP100 Nylon fine threads Locking inserts $1.00
DLST554 Lst to lst2 arm conversion $4.00
DM3S replacement Delrin Point Soft Tip M3 $3.00B0077S19Z8
DMCT03123 Delrin Machined Pinion Gears (11T 12T 13T) - Losi 1/36 Micro $6.88B0077S1A5W
DMZ6789T delrin motor gear set 6-9t $5.00
DP11707 Damper 120mm for Rear Mt2 $28.92B00A29A1NA
DSLF251T Delrin Machined Spur Gear (51T) 32P (0.8m) - Traxxas Slash/Stam $9.88B00A1E6OQO
DSLF252T Delrin Machined Spur Gear (52T) 32P (0.8m) - Traxxas Slash/Stam $9.88B0077R51VW
DSLF253T Delrin Machined Spur Gear (53T) 32P (0.8m) - Traxxas Slash/Stam $9.88B0077R524I
EEC2000AG replacement Internal Gear EEC2000 $28.88
EEC2000L01 Nitro to Electric Conversion Transmission .21+ $68.88B014YX07XS
EEC2000T01 Trx Class Electric Power Conversion $88.88B00A299ZYQ
EMN1806 Heat Sink Motor Mount Blue 16.8v emx $28.88
EXM2108 Silver Aluminum Front Steering Knuckles $18.88
EXM25L08 Silver Med Center Drive Shaft EVO $2.88
EXM25S08 Silver Short Center Drive Shaft EVO $2.88
EXM30308 Silver Alum. Battery Heat Sink EVO $12.88
EXM330LF Front Body Lacence EVO X Mods $8.88
EXM330R08 Radio Shack XMODs Rear Aluminum Body Mount Evo $4.88B00A299UB4
EXM37F08 Front alum. dog bone EVO x mods $4.88
EXM37R08 Silver Aluminum Rear Dog Bone X Mods $4.88B00A1E613U
EXM3908 Silver Diff Cup EVO X Mods $8.88
EXM49008 Silver Aluminum Steering Plate Stock $6.88B00A298FKG
EXM5001 Titanium gold upgrade dress up kit $108.88
EXM5002 Red upgrade dress up kit $108.88
EXM5006 Blue upgrade dress up set $108.88
EXM5608 Silver alum. rear arms EVO x mods $8.88
EXT2108 Silver front knuckle XMOD truck $14.88
EXT37R08 Silver Rear Aluminum Dog Bones $3.88B00A29B5R6
FL0102 Red collar slinky fuel line guard $8.88B014YX2MN6
FL0106 Blue Collar Slinky Fuel Line Guard $8.88B00A29DLXM
FL0108 Silver slinky fuel line protector $8.88
FMCT5008 Fiberglass Complete Chassis (Black & Silver) - Losi $48.88B009XIZF9Q
FMCT50L08 Fiber Long Chassis set Micro T $49.88
FSMT1608 Fiber main chassis with silver mount $48.88
FST1908 Silver Alum. C-Hub Set (2) FS BLZ $18.88B00A29BZ5I
FVE230F01 Two-Stage Black Aluminum Air Filter - Losi 5ive-T $56.88B01D1ZAQN6
FVE230F02 Two-Stage Red Aluminum Air Filter - Losi 5ive-T $56.88B01EILWPKO
FVE230RF Air Filter Foam Outer Pre-Filter Element - Losi 5ive-T $10.00
FVE230RP Air Filter Paper Element - Losi 5ive-T $13.88B014Z24YSW
FVE24AP06 Adapter Plate for Fve24tg01 to Fit Hrc35765s $9.88
FVE40WR01 Black Aluminum Beadlock Rings: 5ive $62.88
FVE40WR03 Orange Aluminum Beadlock Rings: 5ive $62.88B014YX26N2
GAET25 Graphite center drive shaft $20.80
GG102 Red round exhaust gasket 12to18 $1.88
GG104 Yeliow round exhaust gasket 12to18 $1.88
GG202 Red silicone switch cover $2.38
GG306 Blue round exhaust gasket 21to28 $1.88B00A299DKM
GG406 Molded exhaust couplers small $1.38
GG802 Red visionline fuel tubing 20 Inches $1.98
GG804 Yellow visionline fuel tubeing 20 in $1.98
GG805 Green visionline fuel tubing 20 inch $1.98
GG806 Blue visionline fuel tubing 20 inch $1.98
GIA0102 AA compact Glow Starter Red $11.88
GIA0106 Aa Compact Glow Starter Blue $11.88
GIA0107 AA compact Glow Starter Purple $11.88
GIA0108 AA compact Glow Starter Silver $11.88
GLMS1606 Graphite Mini Slider Chassis Blue $38.88
GMCT30 Graphite Rear Shock Tower (Silver) - Losi 1/36 Micr $18.88B009XIQ8JC
GMCT5006 Carbon Fiber Complete Chassis (Blue) - Losi 1/36 Mi $58.88B009XITU7Y
GMCT5008 Carbon Fiber Complete Chassis (Silver) - Losi 1/36 $68.88B009XIOZLK
GMM31106 Graphite roll shock set mr2 mm $18.80
GMM911 Graphite spring plates (3)mr02 mm $12.80
GMRC14 carbon fiber chassis plates MRC $38.88
GMZ17911 Graphite spring h plates (3) mr01 $10.80
GP0407 purple alum. 4 fin motor heatsink $8.00
GP1100R5F 1100 5 cell Flat reciver pack $20.88
GRM31106 Graphite roll shock set for mr2 rm $18.80
GRM911 Graphite spring plate mr02 rm $12.80
GSAV1014 Carbon fiber center skid plate $38.88
GTT003W Silver Aluminum Front Bumper 4 inch $10.88
GTT1406 Blue Alum. Upper chassis Plate Gt2 $24.88B00A29EDHK
HET1801 Rear Mount Heat Sink Motor Plate $18.88B00A1E8FYS
HET2506 Blue Alum. Drive Shaft E10 $8.88
HET2507 Purple Alum. Drive Shaft E10 $12.88
HET25X01 Heavy Duty Diff Posi Lock Spool E10 $8.88
HET2801 Aluminum Pro Shock Tower E10 $18.88B00A29CX8G
HET4006 Blue Aluminum Dogbone Set E10 $8.88
HET4007 CNC Purple Alum. Dogbones E10 $8.88
HET4801 Aluminum Bearing Steering E10 $28.88
HF156QR Quick Return shock set (2) $38.88
HF2208 Silver alum. rear knuckle arms hf $13.88
HF28M08 Silver front shock tower mount $9.88
HF30M08 Silver rear shock tower mount $9.88
HF5608 Silver Aluminum Rear Lower Arms Hf $18.88
HF8845 HPI Hellfire 14.5 Fs 9.8lb Shock Spring Hf Purple $7.00
HL1208 Aluminum Axle Housing - High-Lift $148.88B00A29EGOU
HL12M08 Aluminum Leaf Spring Mounts $13.88B00A29CP6Q
HL1330R08 Alum. Wide Rear Bumper set Hi-Lift truck $33.88
HL14A08 Alum. Chassis mount (E5) Hi-Lift truck $9.88
HL14X02 Red chassis brace set (5) $43.88
HL14X06 Blue chassis brace set (5) $43.88
HL2808 Shock Mount (4) Hi-Lift truck $18.88
HL29M08 Alum. Rear body mount Hi-Lift truck $18.88
HOR124 Hard Pinion Gear set 10 12 14T (3) $6.00
HOR3711 Racer figure Sit L & R support 1/8MC $23.33B00A399T1Y
HOR39F11 Aluminum Twin Star Front Brake Disks $18.88B00A29EBX6
HOR48A11 Titainium Serving Saver Assembly Kmc $10.88B00A29DGQ4
HOR50308 Silver Galaxy 3S Wheel set (2) $28.88
HOR50508 Silver Galaxy 5S Wheel set (2) $28.88
HOR6008 Shock for 1:8 Kyosho motorcycle $19.99
HOTHST4 Hot Stuff Super T Medium 2 oz $10.50
HOTHST7 Hot Stuff Super T Medium 1 oz $5.95
HOTNCF2M Hot Stuff NCF Accelerator Mild 2 oz Pump $7.50B0006O3TOY
HOTSD318 3mm Alum. wrench 3.2 mm opening $3.88
HRF100S Decal Hot Racing skull & flames sm $2.88B00A7CGF28
HRP3901L Hot Racing Polo Shirt L Black $18.88
HRP3901M Hot Racing Polo Shirt Medium Black $20.88
HRP3901XL Hot Racing Polo Shirt XL Black $20.88
HS005 Battery Motor wire heat shrink tube $2.33
HSAV16007 Stainless steel tie rod turnbuckle 2 $23.80
HSAV16008 Stainless steel tie rod turnbuckle 2 $23.80
HSC48X08 Performance Alum. Steering bellcrank Blitz $48.88B00A29CXCW
HSC4908 Performance Alum Steering Rack Blitz $18.88
HSF10S07 17mm Savage Flux Warlock Wheel Adapter Wide Hex $33.88
HTMX1215 Ultra grip 7075 alum. 2 shoe clutch $9.88B01EILWWMA
IT0306 Blue 3 stage qc air filter .46 $18.88
IT0306C Blue Air Filter Vent Plate .46 $8.88
IT0307 Purple Alu 3 Stage Qc Air Filter .46 $18.88B077TBP4DZ
IT0307C Purple Air Filter Vent Plate .46 $8.88
IT0308C Silver Air Filter Vent Plate .46 $8.88
JT1000D20 Alum. Differential Drive Gear 20T Ja $15.00B00A29BA2G
JT1000F14 Aluminum Input Gear 14t Jato $20.00B00A29BCH4
JT1000F32 Alum. Gear 1st Speed 32t Jato $20.00
JT1000S29 Aluminum 2nd Speed 29T Gear - Jato $38.88
JT107M06 17mm Wheel Hub with Bearing $33.88B00A298D0I
JT1108 Silver Aluminum Rear Arm Mount $6.88B00A29ALHQ
JT12A06 CNC 6061 Alum Front Bulkhead Jato $33.88B00A298HOA
JT13306 Blue Alum. Wheelie Bar Jato GT2 $23.88
JT13308 Silver Aluminum Wheelie Bar Jato Gt2 $23.88
JT1508 Silver Aluminum Rear Gear Box Brace $18.80B00A29B2LA
JT1508C chrome rear gear box brace jt $20.88
JT154M06 Blue Ball Type Alum. Shock End $8.80
JT154M08 Silver ball type alum. shock end $8.80B00A7CFA92
JT16008 Silver 7075 alum. t6 tie rod set (6) $16.88B00A29C83G
JT16008C chrome tie rod set Jato (6) $18.88
JT21A08 Silver Alum. front axles (2) $8.88
JT21A08C Chrome Front Axles Jato $0.00
JT2806 Blue Aluminum Front Shock Tower Jato $23.88B00A29BJ4A
JT2808C Chrome front shock tower jato $25.88
JT2908 Silver Aluminum Front Body Mount Jato $10.88B00A299S0W
JT3006 Blue alum. rear shock tower Jato $23.88
JT3008 Silver alum. rear shock tower Jato $23.88B00A29CXIG
JT3008C Chrome rear shock tower jato $25.88
JT338 Ez color coded tunner system $13.88
JT40M08 Silver Alum. Wing Mount Jato $28.88B00A29CDY0
JT4106 Blue 9 lb GTR fs rear spring Jato $3.80
JT41F High-Performance Brake Pad Set (2) $2.88
JT41G Carbon High-Performance Brake Pad $12.88
JT4501 Gunmetal 5.7ib gtr fs re spring jato $3.80
JT4504 Yellow 4.0lb GTR fs fr spring Jato $3.80
JT8008C chrome engine mount Jato $20.88B01EILWCDO
KCY1208 Silver Gear box for 1/8 motorcycle $0.00
KCY152 Main Gear $0.00
KCY155 Stock Main Sprockets $0.00
KCY4808 Bearing Steering set $0.00
KMB9806 Blue Shock Tower Set Mini-Z Buggy $26.88
KMB9808 Silver Shock Tower Set Mini-Z Buggy $26.88
KUL09F01 Rear Arm mount (F) Ultima SC $8.88
KUL09R01 Rear Arm mount (R) Ultima SC $8.88
KUL1906 Blue front c shape hub (2) UL $23.88
KUL2106 Blue Alum. Steering Knuckles UL $23.88
KUL22X06 1.5 deg Re hub w/HD bearing (2) UL $24.88
KUL5501 Front Arm Ultima SC $23.33
KUL5601 Rear Arm Ultima SC $23.33
LEE443T Heavy Duty Steel Spur Gear 43t Mod 1 $28.88B00A1E6HH0
LEE444T Heavy Duty Steel Spur Gear 44t 1.0m $28.88B00A299MEY
LEE445T Heavy Duty Steel Spur Gear 45t 1.0m $28.88B00A29CFZW
LEE446T Heavy Duty Steel Spur Gear 46t 1.0m $28.88B00A299RFS
LMS14M Front Chassis Bulkhead Mount $18.88B00A1E6IVU
LMT4369 1/18 on road chrome spring set (4) $4.80
LPW28M08 28mm HighNoon Sedan wheel ULP Tire $38.88
LPW33M08 33mm Highnoon Sedan wheel ULP Tire $39.88
LPW36M08 36mm High Noon Sedan Wheel Lp Tire $40.88
LSC1000T hardened steel spool gear set Strike $28.88
LST0906 Blue rear support arm mount lst2 $18.88
LST0908 Silver rear support arm mount $18.88
LST1011CS06 Blue alum. differential case lst $18.80B00A7CEWTQ
LST1011CS08 Silver Aluminum Differential Case Lst $18.84
LST1100XH06 Blue Powerup Bi-Directional Clutch $33.88
LST11A06 Blue gear box output support $13.80
LST11A08 Silver alum. gear box output support $13.80
LST1206 Blue alum. front/rear bulk head lst2 $33.33
LST1208 Silver Aluminum Front/Rear Bulkheads $33.33
LST1406 Blue 6061 alum. t6 chassis brace lst $68.88
LST1408 Silver alum. LST 2 chassis rail $68.88
LST14M08 Silver skid plate/chassis brace lst $38.88B00A29E5SM
LST1526A06 Blue battery cover $9.80
LST1526A08 Silver battery cover $9.80
LST15406 Blue 7075 Alum. shock end (2)lst $9.80
LST15408 Silver 7075 Aluminum Shock Ends (2) $9.80B00A29BILY
LST155AB06 Aluminum Threaded Shock Body Set (2) - LST LST2 $9.99B014YWTZFK
LST155C06 Blue alum. spring retainers LST2 $14.88B00A29A62Q
LST155C08 Silver Aluminum Spring Retainers 2 $10.00B00A29AE1E
LST1602S Losi LST Red Aluminum Chassis Plate Set $58.88
LST1606S Blue chassis plate set lst $58.88
LST160HBN06 Blue 7075 alum. tie rod end (4) $18.80
LST160HBN08 Silver 7075 alum. tie rod end (4) $18.80
LST201FL08 Silver long alum. body post lst $13.88B00A29AA5O
LST201FR08 Silver Aluminum Body Mount Post $13.88
LST201M08 Silver Swivel Springloaded Body Post $18.88B00A29B2S8
LST22108 Silver Super Duty Front Knuckle lst2 $28.88
LST22208 Silver Super Duty Rear Knuckle LST2 $28.88
LST255R08 Silv Heavy Duty Reservoir FMJ Shocks $88.88B00A7CFH8G
LST2806 Blue Aluminum Front or Rear Shock Tower $28.88
LST2808 Silver Aluminum Shock Tower $28.88B00A29C8EU
LST31106 Blue Alumimum Sway Bar Kit: Lst $13.88B00AVF8X7G
LST31108 Losi LST Silver Alumimum Sway Bar Kit $13.88
LST33106 Skid plate $0.00
LST33108 silver Skid plate $0.00
LST4806 Blue Aluminum steering kit - requires bearings $23.88
LST4808 Silver alum. bearing steering lst $23.88B00A1E4G1Y
LST5406 Blue alum. and titamum upper arm $29.88B009XJNZPQ
LSTDP00106 Blue alum. shock bushing (4) $8.00
LSTDP00108 Silver alum. shock bushing (4) $8.00
LTT13B08 Tlr Gear Box Shim 1.0mm $9.88
LTT2201 Black Aluminum Rear Hubs (2) $23.88B0077R5OCI
MCC1001 Aluminum Bead-Lock Ring (4)(Black) - Losi Micro Cra $9.88
MCC13308 Center Skid Plate Silver - Losi Micro Crawler $8.88B0077S1NDG
MCC2108 Aluminum Steering Knuckles Blocks - Losi Micro Crawler $16.88B0077S1NW2
MCC456H Hard Aluminum Spur Gear (56T) 0.3 mod - Losi Micro Crawler $6.88B0077R7BJW
MCT03M06 Aluminum Tubular Front Bumper (Blue) - Losi 1/36 Mi $8.88
MCT03M08 Aluminum Tubular Front Bumper (Silver) - Losi 1/36 $8.88B0077S1QK6
MCT03R06 Aluminum Rear Motor Guard (Blue) - Losi 1/36 Micro- $6.88B0077S1QOC
MCT03R08 Aluminum Rear Motor Guard (Silver) - Losi 1/36 Micro-T $6.88B0077S1QU6
MCT12008 Aluminum Dogbones (Silver)(2) - Losi 1/36 Micro-T $4.88B009XJ8QPU
MCT13306 Aluminum Wheelie Bar (Blue) - Losi 1/36 Micro-T $12.88B0077S1RH8
MCT1508 Aluminum Spur Gear Slipper (Silver) - Losi 1/36 Micro-T $6.88B0077S1S0O
MCT160SS08 Stainless Steel Tie Rod Set (Silver)(4) - Losi 1/36 $18.88B0077S1S86
MCT1806 Aluminum Heat Sink Motor Plate (Blue) - Losi 1/36 M $8.88
MCT2808 Aluminum Front Shock Tower (Silver) - Losi 1/36 Mic $10.88B00A1E3LG0
MCT3008 Aluminum Rear Shock Tower (Silver) - Losi 1/36 Micr $12.88B00A29EJE2
MCT3206 Blue Alumnum Gear Cover Micro T $13.88
MCT3208 Silver Alumnum Gear Cover Micro T $13.88
MCT35606 Blue High Viscosity Damper Micro T $18.88
MCT35608 Silver High Viscosity Damper Micro $18.88
mct356R06 Aluminum Friction Shock Set (Blue)(4) - Losi 1/36 M $23.88B0077S1U0C
MCT356R08 Reservoir High Viscosity Dampers Micro-T $23.88B0077S1U9S
MCT356X Aluminum Oil-Filled Shock Set (Blue)(4) - Losi 1/36 $24.88B0077S1UEI
MCT356XR06 Aluminum Oil-Filled Shock Set (Blue)(4) - Losi 1/36 Micro-T $28.88B0077S1UJS
MCT356XR08 Aluminum Oil-Filled Shock Set (Silver)(4) - Losi 1/ $28.88
MCT453T Aluminum Spur Gear (53t) - Losi 1/36 Micro $6.88B0077S1VEW
MCT48L Brass Flexy Steering Link Plates (2) - Losi 1/36 Micro-T $3.99B00A29BBGQ
MCT5008 Aluminum Complete Chassis (Silver w/ Blue) - Losi 1 $38.88B00A29COJE
MCT50506 Aluminum 5 Spoke Wheel Set (Blue) - Losi 1/36 Micro-T $20.88B009XJ6UVW
MCT50508 Aluminum 5 Spoke Wheel Set (Silver) - Losi 1/36 Mic $20.88
MCT50608 Silver Alum. 6 Spoke wheel set $20.88
MCT54701 Midnight Lp Racing Wheels & Tires - Losi 1/36 Micro-T $28.88B009XJ5T50
MCT54708 High noon LP Racing wheel & Tire MCT $28.88
MCT5506 Blue Front Arm Set Micro-T $8.88B014YX4MHA
MCT5508 Silver Front arm set Micro T $8.88B0077S1WF0
mct88LP25 Racing slick Tire for 22mm wheel $10.00
MFD16G06 Carbon Fiber Complete Chassis - Losi 1/24 Micro $88.88B014YWXVMI
MFD3008 Aluminum Rear Shock Tower - Losi 1/24 Micro $13.88B0084HI1BG
MFD32M06 1/24 micro 4wd Drifting tire set $18.88
MFD5508 Aluminum Front Lower Arm Set - Losi 1/24 Micro $8.88B0084HIL7U
MH550T02 Clip-On Motor Heat Sink W/ Fan and Adjustable Mount (Red) $12.88B0077S2Z0G
MH550T11 Clip-On Motor Heat Sink W/ Fan and Adjustable Mount $12.88B00A29AX4W
MH550TE01 Clip-On Two-Piece Motor Heat Sink W/ Fan (Black) $12.88B0077S2ZHE
MH550TE07 Clip-On Two-Piece Motor Heat Sink W/ Fan (Purple) $12.88B0077S0760
MIF10MS06 Blue alum. sedan wheel adapter $12.88
MIF10MS08 Silver alum. 12mm hex wheel adapter $12.88
MLT0806 Losi Mini LST Blue Alum Bulkhead Plate Pin Lock $9.88
MLT0808 Silver alum bulkhead plate pin lock $9.88
MLT1008 Stock wheel hub $7.88B00A1E1GD0
MLT10M06 1/10 wheel conversion hub kit blue $12.88
MLT10M08 1/10 wheel conversion hub kit $12.88B0081V4VCS
MLT1333M06 Blue Wheelsie Bar 18t Mini LST $12.88
MLT1333M08 Aluminum Wheelie Bar - Losi Mini-LST $12.88
MLT155C Silver Aluminum Spring Retainer (1) $4.88
MLT201F06 Blue Alum. body posts (2) $4.88
MLT201F08 Silver Alum. Body Posts (2) $4.88
MLT2406 Blue servo mount mlst $4.88
MLT2408 Silver servo mount mlst $4.88B009XJFZDG
MLT2608 Servo and Upper Deck Mount Mlst $9.88B009XL0A4S
MLT2806 Blue Aluminum Shock Tower $14.88
MLT2808 Silver Alum. Shock Tower $14.88
MLT363R06 Blue alum reservoir shock set $43.88
MLT4850 6061 alum. main gear 50t Mini LST $8.88B00A29B5H6
MLT4853 6061 Aluminum Main Gear 53t Mini LST $8.88
MOL1000 Monster truck conversion overla $43.80
MOL1005 Overland monster truck wheels $45.00
MRC2208 Silver/Black Aluminum Rear Axle Lock-Out $20.88B0077S2EOI
MRC2408 Silver Aluminum Adjustable Servo Mount $18.88B00A29BFA8
MRC25X08 Aluminum Diff Posi Lock Spool Kit $12.88B0077S2EV6
MRC36801 Silver Alum. Threaded Shocks Mrc $18.88B0077S2F2E
MRC553L01 Black Alum Suspension Link 30deg $9.88B0084HJ8LS
MRC862H Hard Anodized Aluminum Spur Gear 62t 48p $9.88B0077S2GZ0
MSP10083 1/10 Ht Manifold Spring $2.33
MSP1008RBULK springs $0.83
MSP1808 1/8 Manfold and Return Spring $3.38
MZ212MM06 Motor pod mr02 mm $18.80
MZ212MX08 Mr02 mm pod for screw mount motor $18.80
NMT2019 Purple alum. c-shape hub mt2 $25.00B014YWSXJO
NMT2032 Purple Aluminum Lower Main Gear Cover $8.80B00A29B0XA
NRS405608R Silver alum. rear arm $25.00
NSG209L Long 9T Steel 32P Pinion Gear 5mm $12.88B00A299KN2
NSG221 21T Steel 32P Pinion Gear 5mm $12.88
NSG415 15T Steel 24P Pinion Gear 5mm $12.88B014YWWQJ2
NSG418 18T Steel 24P Pinion Gear 5mm $12.88B00A1E2OF4
OF0302 Red Aluminum Fuel Filter $5.88B00A1E49OI
PSMT160BE06 Blue ball end & ball set $9.80
RAET50A Battery Hold down nut for AET50 $3.00
RAET80 replacement Lock Nut for Aet80 18t $3.00
RBLW8408 Rplacment wheel for 40S BL (1) $14.99
RCE2201 Black Aluminum Rear Hub Carrier set (2) $38.88
RCE38H8 Hard Anodized Aluminum Center Diff. Mount $28.88B00A29DU88
RCE448T E-Conversion Steel Spur 48t $28.88B00A29BGVQ
RCG809L Long Steel 48p 9t Pinion Gear $7.88
RCG810L Long Steel 48p 10t Pinion Gear $7.88B009XG57PK
RCG811L Long Steel 48p 11t Pinion Gear 1/8 inch bore $7.88
RCG812L Long Steel 48p 12t Pinion Gear $7.88B00B1JQMTM
RCG89012L Long 48p 9t 10t 11t 12t Pinion Gear Set $28.88
RCL62301 Aluminum Standoff Post Link 6x23mm w/ M3 Threads (Black)(4) $4.88B009WFT15Y
RCL66801 Aluminum Standoff Post Link 6x68mm w/ M3 Threads (Black)(2) $4.88
RCN5501 Aluminum Front or Rear Lower Arm HPI Recon $16.88B0077S0PN0
RCP3372 Rock Crawler Low CG Saddle Pack 7.2V $38.88
RCP3484 Rock Crawler Low CG Saddle Pack 8.4V $48.88
RCP4496 Rock Crawler Low CG Saddle Pack 9.6V $58.88
RCS14RR01 Black Rock Racer Conversion Chassis Ridge Crest $68.88
RCS8000P02 Aluminum Red 4-Link Set - Wraith Ax10 Ridgecrest $38.88B015GACHAY
RDP1037 O-Ring and Deline Collar $3.00
RGT2106 Associated RC10gt Blue Aluminum Front Steering Arms $25.00B014YWXB3W
RGT3106 Blue Extended Rear Tranny Brace $4.88
RGTT1406 replacement Hardware set for GTT1406 $12.50
RLST225A Reservoir shock rebuild kit (4) $12.00
RLST225S Shock shaft for lst2.5R06 lst2.5R08 $10.00
RLST255P Lst hi-flow Delrin piston $4.00
RM25206 Dual Damper Set Rm $18.80
RMLT15 Replacement slipper pad set mlt $2.00
RMLT22 replacement hardware for MLT22 $4.88
RMRC368D MRC36801 Shock end MRC Shock $4.00
RRVO11C01 Kevlar fibers diff gasket Revo $4.00
RRVO21 Pivot ball caps/dust boots Revo $6.00
RSAV1011CS Kevlar fibers diff gasket (2) Savage $4.00
RSCP12SR stainless steel Solid Axle SCP12RX $19.88B009S9BTAY
RSDM20 Replacement tip 2mm 5/64 $3.88B00A1E3AM0
RST1006 RS34 Motor Plate $8.88
RSTE288C STE288 Replacement Axle $4.88
RSVX414 replacement silver ring w/screws $2.99
RSVX415 replacement purple ring w/screws $2.99
RSVX447 replacement gunmetal Hub W/ Screws $4.88
RTD10ARR Rplacment o-ring pack td100ar and td90ar $11.98
RTM3340M08 Replacement Silver Alum Body Mount $18.80
RTRVO3908 replacement Silver brake pad kit $14.88
RV331608 6061 T-6 silver Chassis 3.3 $78.88
RV338806 Blue Alum.Double O-Ring Tank Cap $13.88
RV338808 Silver Alum.Double O-ring tank cap $13.88
RVO1333M06 Blue Aluminum Wheelie Bar Set Revo $23.80
RVO1333M08 Silver Aluminum Wheelie Bar Revo $23.80
RVO1333W Alum. wheels conversion king pin $0.00
RVO15406 Blue Alum. Shock Ends (2) $4.88B01EILWZ5E
RVO160 7075 alum turnbuckle tierods steerin $10.00
RVO1602 Red Anodized Chassis: REVO $68.00
RVO1608 Silver anodized chassis: Revo $68.00
RVO160A 7075 T6 Push Rods 115mm (Stock) $9.80
RVO160ABN replacement Ball End for Rvo160a (8) $10.00
RVO160BN replacement ball end for rvo160/t $10.00
RVO2106 Blue Alum. Steering Knuckles Pair $28.88
RVO2108 Silver Alum. Steering Knuckles Pair $28.88
RVO215501 Black Aluminum Front Hd Bearing Suspension Conversi $68.88
RVO21M06 Blue hd bearing steering knuckles $33.88B00A298FVA
RVO21MX06 Blue Heavy Duty Bearing Steering Knuckles 17millime $33.88
RVO21MX08 Silver hd bearing steering knuckles 17mm $33.88
RVO230508 Silver alum. foam air filter Revo $14.88B00A1E2274
RVO2305F Foam air filter rvo3205 Revo $3.00B00A29C12Y
RVO28506 Heavy Duty Revo Shock Blue Set (2) $28.88
RVO28508 FMJ Hd Revo Shock Silver Set (2) $28.88
RVO285R06 Piggyback Adj. Rebound 90mm blur Revo $0.00
RVO285R08 Piggyback Adj. Rebound 90mm silver Revo $0.00
RVO311F06 Blue Front Sway Set Bar Revo $18.88B0077S07LA
RVO311R06 Blue Rear anti-roll bar Revo $13.88B0081V545Q
RVO315 Alum. center oneway set revo $28.88
RVO315QC Quick change center oneway Revo $33.88
RVO32EL08 Silver body mount extension $8.80
RVO330F07 Purple alum. tubular front bumper $24.80
RVO34202S REVO pipe and exhaust header set $48.00
RVO40M06 Retrofit Blue rear Revo wing mount $28.88
RVO40M08 Retrofit Silver Revo Rear Wing Mount $18.88
RVO5010 14lb Orange Fast Shock Springs $8.99
RVO5085 High Lift Shock Springs (Purple 17lb/in)(2) - Traxxas GTR Shocks $6.80B00A1E8KTI
RVO5090 High Lift Shock Springs (Red 16lb/in)(2) - Traxxas GTR Shocks $8.99
RVO5105 High Lift Shock Springs (Yellow 13lb/in)(2) - Traxxas GTR Shocks $6.80
RVO5706 Blue Aluminum 7mm Os Rear Upper Arms $28.80B00A29D56U
RVO5708 Silver rear upper arms 7mm off set $28.88
RVXS160BH Replacement/Spare Open Ball Ends (2) for VXS160R02 $8.88
RVXS160R Replacement/Spare Toe Link Centers (2) for VXS160R02 $9.88
RVXS288A wheel axle for VXS288 $8.88
RVXS288B Steel Cv Bone for Svxs288 $8.88
RVXS288C Outdrive Cv Cup for Svxs288x06 $8.88
RVXS288XB SD Steel CV Bone VXS288X VXS288 $12.88
RVXS288XC SD Steel Out Drive VXS288X VXS288 $12.88
RVXS288XP Red Rebuild VXS288X VXS288 $8.88
RWH17H replacement Hardware for WH17HS01 and WH17HT01 $0.00
SAET243 steel cv universal drive shafts $16.80B00A29DRFO
SAEX288H Cv Rebuild Kit Saex288 (2) Exo $5.00
SAV1011CS Purple diff case hard outdrive plate $18.84B00A29D5RO
SAV1032L08 Silver rear body post long 75mm $20.00
SAV110008S3 Silver 3 shoe flywheel w/shoes 30mm $18.88
SAV1100S3 Purple 3 shoe flywheel w/shoes 30mm $28.88B00A2989ES
SAV1215M3 replacement teflon clutch shoe set $9.88
SAV1317008B Silver 170mm reservoir shocks (2) $38.00
SAV131707 Purple 170mm Threaded Shocks (2) $19.88B00A29AR8E
SAV131787 Purple 170mm Threaded Shocks (8) $79.88B014YWTA2I
SAV13178B01 Aluminum 170mm Reservoir Shocks (8) $108.88B00A29DTN4
SAV131R01 Savage Aluminum 170mm Reservoir Shock $33.80
SAV1332 Purple alum. center skid plate $16.80
SAV133208 Silver center skid plate $16.80
SAV1333M Purple wheelie bar Savage $23.80
SAV1333M08 Silver wheelie bar Savage $23.80
SAV15407 Purple 7075 alum. shock ends (2) $8.88
SAV160G08 Silver 7075 GPM Turnbuckle Ends (8) $33.88B00A297LKG
SAV160HBN08 Silver 7075 alum. tie rod ends (4) $18.80
SAV161HB07 Purple 7075 Reverse Thread Rod End $18.80
SAV161HB08 Silver 7075 reverse rod end Savage $18.80
SAV3170R07 Purple reservoir hl shock(2) Savage $33.80
SAV3170R07S Fluorine coated threaded shock set $128.88
SAV3170R08S Alum. threaded shock set (8) $128.88
SAV464807 Purple alum. bearing servo saver $19.99
SAV464808 Silver Aluminum Bearing Servo Saver $38.88B00A29AFOA
SAV8008 Silver Sloted Heat Sink Engine Mount $23.00B00A29A32E
SAV89F06 Blue hall flame fuel tank guard $14.92
SAV89F07 Purple hall flame fuel tank guard $14.88
SAV89F08 Silver Hall Flame Fuel Tank Guard $14.88
SAV89N07 Purple Alum. fuel tank guard sav $13.88
SAV89N08 Silver Alum. fuel tank guard sav $13.88
SAXR1000E CNC Hardened Hd Steel Gear Full Set Xr10 $38.88
SAXR12SG 12T CNC Steel First Step Gear XR10 $16.88
SAXR22DG 22T CNC Steel Drive Gear XR10 $14.88B0077S1N40
SB126M3 Thumb Screws to secure battery strap $4.88
SB2860 Light weight silver battery bars(10) $5.00
SBJA400 Vented Heavy-duty Clutch Bell Baja $28.88B00A299QZE
SC1601 Serpent Eagle Crawing Chassis $188.88
SCB12100 Clod Steel HD 8mm CV shafts $38.88
SCP0301 Black Alum. mini Bumper w/Mnt AX10 $19.88B00A399B6M
SCP03H01 Skid Bumper SCP1201 Alum. axle case $23.88B009X22WFM
SCP08M01 Cnc Aluminum 3 Link Connector Ax10 $8.88B0077S0N9Q
SCP1006 Aluminum 12mm Clamping Hex Wheel Hubs (Blue)(4) $14.88B009W6HSF8
SCP1201 Scale 6061 Aluninum Axle Case Ax10 $88.88B0077S2RPO
SCP126M01 Black Aluminum Ax10 Battery Plate Mount $13.88B009X28UO4
SCP12RX01 Black Rear Straight Ob Axles Ax10 $98.88B009XG33D8
SCP12RX08 Silver Rear Straight Ob Axles - Ax10 $98.88B009XFY31U
SCP13301 Aluminum Center Skid Plate - Ax10 $18.88B00A29C2AA
SCP133WH05 Green Adj. chariot Skid Plate wheel $5.88B009X23XMS
SCP133X01 LC Center skid plate /roll bar $23.88B014YWY61S
SCP14CM01 Alum. CM Vertical Plate Chassis AX10 $38.88B009X24S68
SCP14MM01 Alum. MM Vertical Plate Chassis AX10 $28.88
SCP14STX01 Scale Looks Ax10 Conversion Chassis $88.88
SCP14XM01 Alum. XM Vertical Plate Chassis AX10 $33.88B009WG68KO
SCP1505 Power Up Gear Adaptor Green Cap $8.88B00B1JSE3E
SCP160301 HB Alum. Pipe 6x101mm 30deg (2) $16.88B0077S2SWQ
SCP21M01 Alum HC Steering Knuckle Ax10 $28.88B0077S1OB2
SCP33101 Skid plate Stock AX10 axle case $16.88
SCP331H01 Skid plate SCP1201 Alum. axle case $17.88B00A29DCWC
SCP38CP01 Full Metal Locked Center Transmission Ax10 $88.88
SCP48R01 Front/Rear steering set ScorpionAX10 $34.88
SCP49L01 Aluminum 106mm Steering Tie Rod and 33mm Drag Link (Black) $6.88B0077S2QL4
SCP49L02 Aluminum 106mm Steering Tie Rod and 33mm Drag Link (Red) $6.88B009X1W4P6
SCP49L06 Aluminum 106mm Steering Tie Rod and 33mm Drag Link (Blue) $6.88B009X1JEQS
SCP50H01 Alum. 87t Spur w/Double wave Slipper $33.88B0077S1PUC
SCP56L01 Aluminum Rear Axle Lock-outs and SS Axles - Axial SCX10 & Scorp $33.88B0077R573E
SCP698L01 Aluminum Lower Suspension Link 6x98mm (Black)(2) $6.88B00A7CFI2G
SCT0801 Black Alum. Front Arm Mount SC10 T4 $13.88
SCT08C01 Alum. Front Arm Pin Cap Sc10 $8.88
SCT12601 Battery Lock Plate / Heat Sink SC10 $23.88
SCT1801 Black Alum Heat Sink Motor Plate Asc B4 T4 SC10 $14.88B0077S1RW8
SCT38HD Hard Anodized Alum Diff. Gear SC10 $28.88
SCX03WMA01 Aluminum Front Bumper with Winch & Light Mounts - S $33.88B014YX3NI4
SCX12XF05 Front Axle Assembly Aluminum (Green) - Axial SCX10 $168.88
SCX12XR05 Rear Axle Assembly Aluminum (Green) - Axial Scx10 $148.88
SCX13301 Delrin Center Skid Alum Side Scx $18.88
SCX14JST01 Jeep 4 Dr Soft Top camouflage Black rod $40.88B014Z2D4MO
SCX14X01 Aluminum Chassis Rail Brace Set Scx10 $48.88B00A29B39G
SCX14XJ01 Chassis Rail Brace Bumper Mount Set Scx10 Jeep $58.88B014YX2ZL0
SCX290TL01 Full Four Link Set for 290 Wb Scx $43.88B01KIN24ZW
SCX31UR01 112mm Link 313 WB Upper Rear SCX $0.00
SCX33LFR01 122mm Link 313 305 WB Lower F R SCX $0.00
SCX49M01 Aluminum Steering Tie Rod and Drag Link (offset) - AX10 SCX10 $19.88
SCX530L01 Black Aluminum Suspension Link 130 Scx $9.88B018N0WJJ8
SCX69101 Aluminum Lower Suspension Link 6x91mm (Black)(2) $6.88
SCX833W01 1/10 Dual Motor High Torque and Power Winch $69.99B014YWTFT6
SCXT2122EH Ackerman Hard Steering C-Hub Knuckle Set Scx 2 $78.88B01NAWCGIU
SD188M06 Alum Suspension+Camber Gauge Mm $18.88B00A1E42NQ
SD4884 Titanium nitride hex wrench set (4) $28.88
SD488J Aluminum Mini Vise $14.88B01EILW6KI
SD6001 Black piston lock tool $6.88B00A297LQ0
SD6884 6pc SAE & METRIC Hex Wrench set $38.88
SD81007 Purple ultimate flywheel wrench $8.80
SD81M06 Body mounting hole reamer 3/8 inch $16.88
SD9T3 12 Pieces Ar Metric Foldup Pocket Tool Kit $19.88B0077S0OWW
SDA005 .050 Inch 1.25mm Pro Hex Wrench $8.98B00A29D1B4
sdf100 Slot-Style Alum. driver set (4) $28.88
SDF30 3.0x 225mm Slot-Style Alum. driver $8.88
SDF40 4.0x 225mm Slot-Style Alum. driver $8.88
SDF50 5.0x 225mm Slot-Style Alum. driver $8.88
SDF60 Slot-Style Screwdriver $8.32
SDJP0035 J. I. S. Philips tips No 0 screw driver w/ Alum. handle $8.88
SDJP040 J.I.S.Philips tips No 0 Alum Driver $8.88
SDJP100 J.I.S.Philips tips Alum Driver set $28.88
SDJP150 J.I.S.Philips tips No 1 Alum Driver $8.88
SDJP260 J.I.S.Philips tips No 2 Alum Driver $8.88
SDM10006 Alum. Blue hex wrench set (4) $23.88
SDM15 1.5mm Allen Pro Race Wrench $7.98B00A29BTFY
SDM20 2.0mm 5/64 Allen Pro Race Wrench $7.98B00A2993AC
SDM30 3.0mm Allen Pro Race Wrench $7.98
SDS20 Aluminum Metric M2 Nut Driver (4.5mm) $4.88B0077EC2IU
SDW231701 Black wheel wrench 23 and 17 mm $18.88
SDW231702 Red wheel wrench 23 and 17 mm $18.88
SDW231706 Blue wheel wrench 23 and 17 mm $18.88
SDW231707 Purpl wheel wrench 23 and 17 mm $18.88
SDW378501 Truck 4 Way Black 23 17 8 5.5mm $19.88
SDW378502 Truck 4 way Red 23 17 8 5.5mm $19.88
SECT288 Steel Cv Axles Drive Shafts with Hubs ECX 2WD $39.46B00XF8FNWO
SECT288M06 Steel Cv Drive Shafts with 12mm Hex Hubs - ECX 2WD $38.88B06Y17S9Y9
SECT288X06 Star Drive Steel Cv 2wd ECX $52.66B00XF8FP1S
SFVE45423 Hardened Steel Spur and Pinion Gear Set (54t/23t) - 5t Wrc $68.88
SFVE45621 Hardened Steel Spur and Pinion Gear Set (56t/21t) - 5t Wrc $68.88
SH123LJ01 Jr Air Double Lock Servo Arm 23t Spline $9.88B00A29ADPG
SH124LH01 24T (Hitec) Double Lock Servo Horn Arm $9.88
SH338C02 Red 2x6x5mm throttle collar $2.88
SH338C06 Blue 2x6x5mm throttle collar $2.88
SH338C08 Silver 2x6x5 mm throttle collar $2.88
SH338S02 Red throttle slider $2.88B00A29ASB0
SHF156S Titanium nitride shock shaft hf $12.88
SJT1000D38 HS 38t Gear Differential: Jato $38.88
SJT1000X Hardened Steel Jato Gear Set $98.88
SJT125 Lock Diff Hub Spool Jato $9.88B00A29D3LC
SJT289 Stainless Steel Drive Shafts Jato $19.88
SJT289J Joint stainless steel (1) Jato $8.88
SJT39DS Racing Dual Steel Turbo Brake Jt $28.88
SJT39G Hp Wave Carbon Disc Brake Set Jt $23.88
SJT39S High-Performance Turbo Brake Set $14.88
SLF15XP Metallic Super Duty Slipper disk IH $8.88
SLF250T Aluminum Slipper Spur Gear (50T 0.8M/32P) - Tra 4X4 $14.88B00A29BBHA
SLF252T Aluminum Slipper Spur Gear (52T 0.8M/32P) - Tra 4X4 $14.88B00A29BDB4
SLF311BN01 Replacement ball end SLF311 (4) $5.00
SLF311S Replacement chrome Anti-Roll Bar Wire $3.00B0077EC3KW
SLF3806 Blue Aluminum Hd Motor Mount Slf $23.88B00A29B73I
SMCT139 Steel axle set w/ lock nut Micro T $12.88
SMLT260 Cv universal drive shaft (2) $13.88
SMLT4823 Steel 23 Tooth Pinion Gear Mlst $3.88B009XJHMEG
SMLT4825 25 Tooth 48 Pitch Pinion Gear 2mm Bore $3.88B009XKHDHQ
SMRF101101 V Grove Motor Mount pod plate $48.88
SMT01808 Silver alum. motor heatksink plate $13.00
SMT12B08 Silver Aluminum Front Lower Chassis $25.80B00A29D2FE
SMT160PBN 3.8 yellow plastic ball cup (14) $5.00
SMT160SBN chrome steel ball for Mini-T $8.80
SMT18M06 Blue Alum. motor heat sink plate $13.00
SNMT285UF Stainless steel cvu shafts $33.80
SPC366 Alum. 6x6 Stand Off Set (4) $2.00B00A29DXPI
SPC8012 m8 Alum spacer collar (2) $2.88
SPW280508 Silver Aluminum Spinners 24 Series $4.88
SRCN288 Steel Cv Drive Shafts HPI Recon $28.88
SRVO1000 Hardened steel diff. gear $20.88
SRVO1200 Hardened steel diff. gears $43.88
SRVO1337 Steel Helical Spiral Differential Ring/Pinion Gear Set (37t/13t) $48.88B014YWVUE4
SRVO412 Steel Vented Clutch Bell (12T) - Revo 2.5 3.3 Slayer $12.88B00A29B7AG
SRVO414 Steel Vented Clutch Bell (14T) - Revo 2.5 3.3 Slayer $12.88B00A299XWA
SSAV1039KS Twister disk brake with hub set $28.80
SSAV1047T Steel 47 tooth spur gear $23.88
SSAV1049T Steel 49 Tooth Spur Gear $29.88
SSAV12100 Steel universal cv shafts Savage $28.88
SSAV249T purple Steel Spur Gear 49T Savage $23.88
SSAV3344T Heavy Duty Steel 44t 1st 3 Speed Gear $23.88B00A29CDJK
SSCP1000MA Light Weight Stainless steel hollow Shafts AX10 $4.00B014YWRVFQ
SSCP139 MTA stainless steel AXLE AX10 $12.88
SSCP38M Stainless Steel Idler Gear: AX10 $9.88
SSG4816 416 stainless gear 48p 16t $4.80
SSG4817 416 Stainless gear 48p 17t $4.80
SSG4818 416 stainless gear 48p 18t $4.80
SSG4819 416 Stainless gear 48p 19t $4.80
SSG4820 416 Stainless gear 48p 20t $4.80
SSG4821 416 Stainless gear 48p 21t $4.80
SSG4822 416 Stainless gear 48p 22t $4.80
SSG4823 416 Stainless gear 48p 23t $4.80
SSG4824 416 Stainless gear 48p 24t $4.80
SSG4825 416 Stainless gear 48p 25t $4.80
SSG4826 416 Stainless gear 48p 26t $4.80
SSG4827 416 Stainless gear 48p 27t $4.80
SSG4828 416 stainless gear 48p 28t $4.80
SSLF253D Steel Spur Gear for Center Diff (53T 0.8M/32P) - Tra 4X4 $14.88B0077S1OFS
SSLF288VXF02 Star Drive Steel Universal Joint (Front) - Sla 4X4 Sta 4X4 $48.88B01EILXSJQ
SSLF288VXR02 Star Drive Steel Universal Joint (Rear) - Sla 4X4 Sta 4X4 $48.88B014YWXQA0
SSVX413 gunmetal 13t vented clutch bell $14.88
SSVX414 Silver 14 tooth vented clutch bell $14.88B00A29D8ZI
SSVX416 Blue 16 tooth vented clutch bell $14.88
SSVX417 Red 17 tooth vented clutch bell $14.88
SSVX418 Gold 18 Tooth Vented Clutch Bell $14.88
SSVX448T Dds Silver Steel Spur Gear 48t SAVX $19.88B00A1E1IH4
SSVX449T Dds purple steel spur gear 49t SAVX $19.88B00A29CFG6
SSXS288 Steel CVD Universal Drive Shafts (Pair) $18.88
SSXS41A Hardened Center Gear Shaft 5x29mm $14.88B0077S28US
STE282VXL02 Slash Vxl 2wd Ssd Cv Drive Steel $48.88B01M084SYN
STE282X06 Slash 2wd Cv Drive Steel Blue $33.88
STE282XD06 Slash 2WD Cv Drive Steel Steel Hex $30.88B00XF8IL64
STE284NH Steel Cv for Rustler and Stampede $23.88
STE288VXL02 2wd Ssd Cv Steel Ep Stampede Rustler $48.88B00XF8IMFO
STE288X06 2wd CV Drive Steel Blue EP sta and rus $34.88
STMX22122W Steel universal shaft (2) T-Maxx 2.5 $23.88
STMX2456T Hardened Steel Spur Gear (56T 24P) - Tra 1.5 2.5 $28.80B014YX128M
SVX1007 Purple 17mm Li-Wt CNC- Clamp hub $12.88
SVX1008 Silver 17mm Li-Wt Clamp CNC-hub $12.88
SVX330R08 Silver alum. tubular Rear bump $0.00
SVX33108 SVX Silver Skid Plate w Titanium Pin $32.88B00A299GFO
SVX4007 Savage X Heavy Duty Slipper Hub Set Purple $12.88B00A29DI6C
SVXS288 Steel Cv Drive Shaft Set - Traxxas 1/16 Revo Vxl $23.88
SVXS288X06 Steel Universal Joint Set for 1/16 Revo Vxl $23.88
SVXS48FS167 Fs Rate Spring Set 1/16 Revo $9.88B0077R3S1W
SVXS48MR167 Progressive Rate 1/16 Spring Set $10.88B0081V53Q6
SW100A01 TX wheel adapter set (4) $4.99
SW100X Screw Set for Sw Steering Wheels Gold $3.88
SW38001 10-Y Spoke BBS Steering TX Wheel $23.88
SW38008 10-Y Spoke BBS Steering TX Wheel $23.88
SW38608 8 Double Spoke Aluminum Tx Steering Wheels $23.88
SW39301 Black Ts3 Aluminum Tx Steering Wheel $23.88
SW39501 Black TS5 Alum. Steering Wheel $23.88
SW39601 Black Aluminum 16 Spoke Steering Wheel $23.88
SWRA260 Steel Super Duty 32P 60T Spur Gear $22.88
SWRA288X Heavy Duty Steel CVD Shafts Wraith Ridgecrest $29.88
SWRA288XD03 Extra Duty Steel CVD Shafts Ridgecrest $28.88B00XF8JO1A
SXMX46M01 46t Mod 1 Steel Spur Gear Traxxas X-Maxx XO-1 $28.88B01IRSA9A2
SXMX52M01 52t Mod 1 Steel Spur Gear Traxxas X-Maxx XO-1 $28.88B01KIN3NTI
T408830G Triangle mini pin 40 series tires $18.88
TA200407 Purple Tamiya 5mm kingpin (L) $4.00
TAET10T 10 Tooth Titanium Pinion Gear $5.80
TAET11T 11 Tooth Titanium Pinion Gear $5.80
TAET12T 12 tooth titanium pinion gear $5.80
TAET4854T06 Blue titanium main gear (54t) $23.80
TAET4855T Blue Titanium Main Gear (55t) $24.88B00A29B5D0
TAET4855T08 Silver titanium main gear (55t) 18t $23.80
TAET4856T08 Silver titanium main gear (56t) 18t $23.80
TAET4858T Gold titanium main gear (58t) $28.88
TAET4860T Black titanium main gear (60t) $29.88
TAET80 Titanium Differential OutdrivesHub Out Drive 18t $28.80B014YWTNAW
TAS1301 Alum. rear gear box TA06 $33.88
TAS18M01 Alum motor mount brace with cooling fan mount TA06 $16.88
TBR18A08 Alum. motor mount plate $0.00
TBR18E08 Alum. motor cover plate $0.00
TBR55L Silver Alum. Suspension Link $0.00
TCR1001 Aluminum Bead-Lock Ring (4)(Black) - Tamiya CR-01 $8.88
TCR1801 Alum. heat sink motor plate CR-01 $18.88
TCR37H06 Aluminum Universal Center Shaft Cr01 $28.88B00A299Z00
TCR56L01 Alum. Re. AXLE LOCKOUT kit CR01 $38.88
TD132SC01 Aluminum 1.32 Big Bore Shock SC10 $28.88B0077S0HPQ
TD50TM06 Blue Aluminum 50mm Shock Set 4.8 Ball Mount $33.88B014YX24Z2
TD55TM06 55mm Shock with 4.8 Ball Mount $33.88
TD60E06 Blue Aluminum FMJ 60mm Shock Set W/Spings $33.88B00A1E8OUI
TD60E08 Silver Aluminum FMJ 60mm Shock Set W/Spings $33.88
TD9006 Threaded Racing Shock Set 90mm $23.88
TD90RR01 Remote reservoier IS Damper 90mm $0.00
TDB11506 Big Bore Crawler Shock 115mm (2) $30.88B00A299T3S
TDB322 6mm Offset Aluminum 5mm Ball Shock Bushing $3.88
TDR10008 Silver Aluminum Hd Threaded Reservoir Shocks $33.88
TE0308W Wide Front bumper NR NS RU ST $10.88
TE03M06 Alum. tubular front bumper RU ST $14.88
TE117SL01 Light Weight 17mm Aluminum Hubs - Traxxas Slash 2WD $23.88B00XF8KJ3C
TE1206 Blue Aluminum Transmission Case & Motor Mount $68.88
TE12M01 Black Alum. Transmission Case Slash $68.88
TE13306 Blue HD Alum. wheelie bar RU Sta $23.88
TE16GSL Lcg Graphite Chassis 2wd Slash $148.88
TE18LC06 Blue Aluminum Motor Lock Heat Sink Plate $9.88B00A1E5XK2
TE4801 Aluminum Steering Bellcranks and Draglink - Tra Ban Rus 2WD S $23.88
TE5406 Aluminum 69mm Camber Link Turnbuckles (2) - Tra $16.88B00A1E767K
TE5506 Blue Aluminum Front Arm Set $23.88B00A29D344
TE5606 Alum. Rear Arms EP Rus Sta sl $23.88B00A29D3TE
THL13302 Red Accent LST T-Maxx HF Wheelie Bar $23.88
THL13306 Aluminum Wheelie Bar (Blue) - T-Maxx E-Maxx Hellfir $23.88B00A29BWWO
THL13307 Aluminum Wheelie Bar (Purple) - T-Maxx E-Maxx Hellfire LST $23.88B00A29D27M
THL13308 Aluminum Wheelie Bar (Silver) - T-Maxx E-Maxx Hellfire LST $23.88B00A29D11O
TLST160H06 Titanium tie rod alum end set $63.80
TLST160H08 Titanium Tie Rod Alum End Set $63.80
TLST2160 Titanium complete tie rod set (2) $18.88
TM15606 Blue Aluminum Shock Upgrade Kit $13.88
TM33201F Swivel spring loaded body post $9.88
TM3324X Qc Steering Servo Guard $9.88
TM3340M08 retrofit rear wing mount $38.88
TMCT122108 Silver. cv drive w/Titanium shaft LN $23.88
TMCT21A In Line Tinanium Front Axle Micro T $12.88
TmcT21M06 Blue Steering Arm W/Tianium Axle $14.88
TMCT21M08 Silver Steering Arm W/Tianium Axle $14.88B00A299JOC
TN5606 Blue Aluminum Rear Arm $23.88
TRE320S08 Scale Look Tie Rod Ends Stainless Steel M3 $16.88B0081V4FBA
TRE330H01 Alum. Tie Rod end $0.00
TRE330H08 M3 Alum. Tie Rod end 3mm hole $0.00
TRE330HA01 M3 Alum Angle Tie Rod end 3mm hole $0.00
TRE330HA05 M3 Alum Angle Tie Rod end 3mm hole $0.00
TRE330HA08 M3 Alum Angle Tie Rod end 3mm hole $0.00
TRE330S08 Stainless Steel Tie Rod end $0.00
TRV3316006 Traxxas Revo Titanium/Aluminum Hollow Turnbuckles 128mm $18.88B00A29D31W
TRVO1125 Titanium push rods (long) $16.80
TRVO160 Traxxas Revo Titanium Steering Links $18.00
TRVO21A Titanium stub axles (2) Revo $9.88
TRX0106 Blue slinky glow lead guard $2.88B014YX0F08
TRX0107 Purple slinky glow lead guard $2.88
TRX1060 2.5R 3.3 One Way $22.00
TRX156A02 Traxxas Red Aluminum Shock Caps Slash $6.33B00A1E2314
TRX156A06 Traxxas Blue Aluminum Shock Caps Slash $6.33B00A29B1P2
TRX156A08 Traxxas Silver Aluminum Shock Caps Slash $6.33B00A1E28IW
TRX448D102 Red DS Alum Steering wheel TRX $18.88
TRX448D106 Blue Ds Aluminum Traxxas Tx Steering Wheels $18.88
TRX448D108 Black Ds Aluminum Traxxas Tx Steering Wheel $18.88B01EILWXAQ
TRX448D111 Black Ds Aluminum Traxxas Tx Steering Wheel $18.88B014YWWIK4
TRX448D112 Red Aluminum Traxxas Tx Steering Wheel $18.88
TRX448D116 Blue Alum DS Steering wheel TRX $18.88
TRX448R102 Red R Aluminum Traxxas Tx Steering Wheels $18.88
TRX448R106 Blue R Alum. Steering wheel TRX $18.88
TRX448R108 Black R Aluminum Traxxas Tx Steering Wheel $18.88B014YWW7WI
TRX448R111 Black Aluminum Traxxas Tx Steerring Wheel $18.88
TRX448R112 Red Cap Aluminum Traxxas Tx Steering Wheel $18.88B00A1E5Y5Q
TRX448R116 Blue Alum. Seetring wheel TRX $18.88
TRX448S102 Red SS Aluminum Traxxas Tx Steering Wheels $18.88
TRX448S106 Blue SS Aluminum Traxxas Tx Steering Wheels $18.88
TRX81808 Head guard Silver: tra 2.5 $9.88
TSAV3344T Titanium 44t 1st gear 3speed Savage $38.88
TSMT1160 Titanium 7pc. turnbuckle kit w/wrenc $25.88
TSMT1160S 2mm x12mm Titanium Steering. Turnbuckle (1) $3.88
TSMT13T 13T 0.5 Mod Titanium Pinion Gear - Mini-T RC18T $3.88B00A3988O8
TSMT14T 14T 0.5 Mod Titanium Pinion Gear - Mini-T RC18T $3.88B00A29AYAU
TSMT15T 15T 0.5 Mod Titanium Pinion Gear - Mini-T RC18T $3.88B00A398G1I
TSMT160B titainium Steering turnbuckle W/end $4.88
TT10M07 Purple alum. Stable hex TT01 TA05 $10.88
TT12507 Purple center drive shaft tt01 $8.88
TT12516 Tamiya blue center drive shaft tt01 $8.88
TT22X06 Two deg toe Alum Knuckle TT01 $13.88
TTM33160A06 Titanium Hollow Turnbuckles Rear 125 $14.88
TTM33160S Titamium Hollow Turnbuckles Set (4) $28.88
TTS230CH Hard Anodized Alum Axle Cup Tts $8.88B00A29CYJ4
TUDR15602 luminum shock upgrade kit for the Traxxas UDR $28.88
TUDR39C02 Red Aluminum Brake Calipers Hr Compatible Only Traxxas UDR $14.88
VB2316 1600 mah 2/3 a size battery (1) $4.88
VXS156R02 Aluminum Reservoir Shock Upgrade Kit (Red/Black) - 1/16 Tra $14.88B0077S0DI2
VXS156R05 Aluminum Reservoir Shock Upgrade Kit (Green/Black) $14.88
VXS160LA01 Aluminum Push Rods (short) - Traxxas 1/16 Slash Fiesta Rally $16.88B0077S0EFE
VXS160R02 Aluminum Toe Links (long) - Traxxas 1/16 E-Revo GD Summit $18.88B01MQQ7IVT
VXS16HS 1/16 Rally Aluminum Chassis 200millimeter Sedan Conversion $99.88B014YX3M5S
VXS27B 4x7x2.5 stainless steel ball bearing kit $5.88B0077S0FMQ
VXS27FP Black Aluminum Front Multi Rocker Plates $19.88B0077S0FWG
VXS27FX Aluminum Front Multi Rocker Arms 1/16 $16.33B0077S0G2U
VXS556R01 Alum. Arm Set 1/16 Revo $68.88
VXS55R01 Alum. Lower Front Arm Revo 1/16 $18.88
VXS9282 Main Diff Spiral Bevel Gear 1/16 Traxxas $38.88
WD2806 Blue shock tower wd td $20.00
WD5506 Blue Aluminum front arm set $35.00
WD5508 Silver Aluminum front arm set $35.00
WD5606 Blue Aluminum rear arm set $35.00
WD5608 Silver Alum. rear arm set $35.00
WG150801 1/10 off Road Wing 150mmx80mm $12.88
WG4101 White 1/10 off road wing $8.88
WG4104 Yellow 1/10 off road wing $8.88
WG4111 Black 1/10 off road wing $9.88
WH40106 Blue 23mm wheel hub for 40 series $13.80
WHC174506 Blue 17mm 45mm Exten wheel hub $38.88
WHC2302 Red wheel cap for 40 series wheel $9.88
WHC2306 Blue Wheel Cap for 40-series Wheels $9.88
WHM2307 Purple 23mm lock nut (4) $8.88
WHM2308 Silver 23mm lock nut (4) $8.88
WHR1002 Red Alum. bead-lock ring $16.88
WHR1006 Blue alum. bead-lock ring $16.88
WHR1007 Purple Alum. bead-lock ring $16.88
WHR1008 Silver Alum. bead-lock ring (2) $16.88
WHT2302 Red 23mm Hex 8mm Axle Hub Hf Lst2 $18.88
WHT2306 Blue 23mm Hex 8mm Axle Hub Hf Lst2 $18.88B00A29B8HS
WHT2308 Silver 23mm Hex 8mm Axle Hub Hf Lst2 $18.88
WHT40106 23mm alum. hub adapter for 1/8 $18.88
WK1000T Aluminum Locked Drive Gear Set - HPI Wheely King $38.88B00A299HBM
WK12M08 Lower Shock Mount Wheelsy King $18.88B00A29AO28
WK14M08 Silver Aluminum Lower Chassis and Ball Link Mount $8.88B014YWYJY2
WK2808 Aluminum Multi Mount Shock Tower Wk $14.88
WK37HC01 Steel Drive Shafts W/Alumi. Joints Wk $38.88B00A29B26U
WK37R01 Wheey King Crawler CV Center Dr $28.88
WRA12M01 Axle Bevel Gear Bearing Cap Wraith Ridgecrest $13.88B0077S2FPG
WRA331X08 Stainless Skid Plate Bumper: Wraith Ridgecrest $23.88B014YWVNRS
WRA38XL XL Extended Out Drive for SCP38HT03 $0.00
WRA55EL01 Lower Aluminum Fix Link Ladder Bar Wraith $12.88
WRA55EU01 Upper Aluminum Fix Link Ladder Bar Wraith Ridgecres $12.88B00A29CSOK
WRA7000E01 Aluminum Link Set (Black) - Axial Wraith Ax10 Ridgecrest $48.88B00AVFSTWA
WRA8000E01 Aluminum Black Link Set - Axial Wraith and Ax10 Ridgecrest $63.88B009S9IDA8
WRA8000E02 Aluminum Link Set (Red) - Axial Wraith Ax10 Ridgecrest $63.88B01KIN3S2K
WRA8000E03 Aluminum Orange Link Set - Axial Wraith and Ax10 Ridgecrest $63.88B00XF8A8FQ
WRA8000E05 Aluminum Green Link Set - Axial Wraith and Ax10 Ridgecrest $63.88B00XF8A9A0
WRA8000X08 Silver Full link dress up set Wraith Ridgecrest $68.88
WS2410C chrome 10 Spoke Wheel Tire Set (4) $35.00
WS2470C 7 Spoke Wheels and Tires Set $35.00
XM01008 Silver rear upper bulkhead plate xmo $15.04
XM02106 Blue alum. front knuckles - pair $16.00
XM039R Alum. rear wheel shaft - 1 pair $6.00
XM041 Blue alum. rear gear box joint $6.88
XM330RSX08 Silver alum. body lock plate rsx $10.00
XMX288CX Steel Cv Drive Shaft with Stub Axle Aluminum Hex X-Maxx 6s $63.88B01KIN3EPG
YET1901 CNC Front Caster Block C-Hub Exo Yeti $23.88
YEX10KX01 17mm Hub +8mm Hub W Serrated Nuts - Yeti XL Kit $43.88B01CQ2PG08
YEX30U01 Aluminum Rear Shock Tower Cross Member - Yeti XL RT $23.88B01I0B1IHY
YEX56C01 Aluminum Channel Rear Link Stiffeners for Yeti Xl $28.88B014Z2B7RI

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